During the KCAD Sweden trip I learned a lot, it is an amazing experience with this group of talented classmates. This final project I made is part of our big group, and I designed a set of post cards inspired by this journey.

I’ve been traveled a lot of places, what is the most special thing for travel to me is memory, things you bought can be damaged, photo you took can be lost, but the memories are just like treasures deeply bury in your heart. I like to remember them by send postcards to my self, write some fun things and draw a picture, and when you get back home, they’re such a good remainder.

An elegant post card always makes people fondle admiringly, so our group decided to design our own post card for this Sweden trip, it will comes with stamps too, they’re all illustrated by each designer.

The Postcards I designed are all displayed that how I feel about Sweden, so I chose four sightsees are makes me unforgettable: Malmo, The old town of Stockholm, the park of Stockholm and Form Design center. The four postcards can put together and a Swedish dala horse will shows up. All four are represented to Tradition, Nature, Design and Relax, which are the four points I experienced in Sweden. And the fifth one is our awesome group lead by John Steiner and Suzanne Jokman.